Continous Chanting Mantra Bell

Continous Mantra Chanting bell

Feeling stressed ? Under tension ? Play this mantrabox – listen to vedic mantras in pure digital musical form and feel an immediate soothing effect that brings eternal bliss, peace, calm and tranquility in your mind. 27 Mantra will play continuously. 27 Mantra in one player. Change by switching off & on the Changer switch. Continuos Playback.The chord attached with the player needs to be plugged inside your electricity socket. Change the mantra by just switching off and on. The Mantra which you will set will be continuously repeated till you change it by the switch. The roller lets you set the volume. Now, make your home atmospere spiritual.Gift it to your friends and relatives.Use these unique product for distribution to your friends and relatives during wedding, religious ceremonies

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