water Tank Over Flow Alarm

Make sure you do your bit towards water conservation by making sure you don’t waste too much water through overflowing every morning while you fill your overhead tank up. Jai Siddhi brings you and innovative alarm which alerts you to a full tank, ensuring you switch your motor off and restrict water wastage. The Savior water tank overflow alarm is a smart new gadget which is a must have for you if filling the overhead tank is a daily task for you.

Material and Specifications
This long lasting alarm is made of plastic, and is easy to use too! A red LED light indicates when the appliance is on, and switches off automatically when it is off. It is designed to ensure 100 percent safety to both the user and the product.

Easy to Install and Use
The alarm has a single pair of sensor wire extended wires. These wires need to be placed just below the level of the over flow pipe. The appliance must be plugged into a 220 v socket and it is ready to use! The gadget switches on automatically when the motor is turned on, and switches off automatically when the motor is switched off.

An Alert Friend
The Savior water tank overflow alarm does not only sound an alarm, but speaks to your, alerting you to the need to switch off your motor at the right time, Invest in one today and buy yourself peace of mind!

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